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Frequently Asked Questions, even though they're not questions..

Britain Locked Off
Free GM Skills and Such
Help Desk From Hell
No Email Registration
Role Playing Vs. Hack 'n Slash
Stat/Skill cap

PvP (Player Versus Player):
PvP is strictly banned within the limits of a town or city, even if guard protection is not present. It is also strictly banned in mining areas and against new players. The murder or attempt of murder on a fellow player, if they meet the above criteria, is strictly punished on Eternal Lands. Under the law of these lands, your character can be punished anywhere from a fine to execution, depending on the offense. PvPing IS allowed, however, in a Role Playing environment. You can PvP if, say, you are in a guild and are fighting another guild, if you are on an official quest to kill a player (including official tournaments of entertainment), or both parties agree beforehand to participate in PvP. Report unlawful PvPing to a GM via .page or email contact.

Stat/Skill cap:
All skills can be GMed, the Stat Sum of your stats can not exceed 375.

The GMs of the shard do not condone macroing, although it is not outlawed. This said, however, if, for example, you are macroing, are killed for whatever reason, and your body decays because you’re inattentive or simply can’t be reached, no official will help you.

Cheating, hacks, and bug exploitations are strictly outlawed. Anyone suspected of participating in these activities will be thoroughly questioned, and can face deletion of their character and/or a permanent or temporary ban from all Eternal Lands servers.

All players are expected to act in a civilized manor, especially within city limits. If the Role of your character conflicts with this, you are still encouraged to pursue this role, but don’t be surprised if you are met with animosity by fellow players. Any reports of abuse on a player (such as real life threats or insults) will be met with swift and harsh action. Report any player relation problems to a GM immediately.

In the times of turmoil Eternal Lands takes place in, there is still hope of a civilized society. All players who are suspected of a crime punishable by more than 1,500 gold may enjoy a trial, with a presiding GM and, in some instances, a panel of fellow, anonymous, players. Use .page or email to request an inquiry.

Useful commands:
Some commands players are granted are .map and .time, with more to come. Look for, in the future, a .commands command that will give you a list of available actions.

Help Desk From Hell:
Do not use this feature! Doing so will place you in Eternal limbo. To get out .page or email a GM.

Role Playing Vs. Hack ‘n Slash:
All players are encouraged to become the role of a character in the world. Develop a persona, perhaps join a guild, and generally act in character. Of course every player plays in their own style, but we feel that an all around Role Playing environment would be much more fun.

Boats are available from the store right near the Vesper docks. Boats are (albeit expensive) very fast and useful.

The GMs have created a detailed plot for the Eternal Lands server, and it will be revealed as the server and its players evolve.

Britain Locked Off!?:
Yes, this is part of the plot, and a huge quest someday soon will open up the areas.

For now, players must ride or run to different places. Although many players are used to the “hop in a teleporter” travel of style, we’ve found that once you get used to traveling the “old fashioned way” to where you want to go, you enjoy it more (plus you see interesting people and things on the way).

Free GM Skills and such:
Many players seem to expect that upon joining Eternal Lands they are entitled to a free skill, money, or some other goodie. Although this may be the case in other servers, we don’t give hand outs of that type here. The fact that you have two dedicated GMs who care very much so for the development of the server and the happiness of its inhabitants should be a great enough gift in itself!

Sure, it gets dark, what do you expect when the sun goes down? Carry a torch or learn to cast the level 1 Mage spell Nightsight. (You can always hack a tree up with a sword and dagger to create a torch or kindling).

No Email Registration:
We find it a hassle to have to get every player accepted via email, and also feel that it works out best for everyone if you can just log in the first time quickly. However, if this system is abused, we will switch over to a more anal retentive system, probably email registration. Some examples of abuse would be creating more than one account or creating a bunch of accounts just for the heck of it.