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Why Eternal Lands?
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There are many reasons to join Eternal Lands instead of another server.

Unique Objects: Eternal Lands has a very large amount of custom made items you won't find anywhere else. Here is a list of most of them, and more are always being added, and may even be added by request.

Bow of the Heavens (Increases Archery , Tactics, and Hiding skills when Equipped)
Ring of Mages (Increases Magery when Equipped)
Balm of Darkness (Makes area where used become pitch black)
Veil of Shadows (Makes character wearing it become Invisible)
Gauntlets of Might (Increases Character's Strength)
Helm of Enlightenment (Increases Character's Intelligence)
Boots of Speed (Increases Character's Dexterity)
Gem Swords (Each one possesses a different power, there is one for each Gem Type)
Robe of Death (Gives invulnerability, but watch your hits while you wear it...)
Death Cleaver (A very strong weapon, that ignores armor, and always does a hefty amount of damage)
Elixir of Gods (Takes a random effect on the character who drinks it)
Glass Sword (EXTREMELY powerful, but breaks after one use)
Crossbow of the Chasm (Very powerful, considering it shoots fireballs rather than the usual bolts, but they require a special bolts to use)
Poison Crossbow (Shoots poison potions (regular ones) and causes a cloud of poison gas on impact)

Rock Dragon (About as powerful as an Ice Dragon)
Dragon Hatchlings (Ostard "look a likes", but 10 times as powerful and harder to tame)
Dragon Mother (A caretaker for the hatchlings)
Shadow Dragon (Strongest Dragon, beware...)
Pegasus (A Powerful horse that has high karma)
Fighting Dragon (A weak dragon, but very easy to tame)
Ethereal Ostard (A Stronger form of an ostard, with a cool look)
Sand Vortexes (A fairly strong monster found in the desert, nothing too special about these)

Titan (Strong armour that increases hit gain speed)
Elvin (Strong armour that increases stamina gain speed)
Crystaline (Strong armour that increases mana gain speed)
Desert Chrome (So far the strongest armour, but can't be crafted, only looted off of Desert Nomads)
Acid (Strong, and hurts enemies that hit you, but wearing it for too long will cause bad side effects...)

Ancient Warriors (Carry some VERY good armour, only available on them)
Death Knights (Carry Robe of Death, and Death Cleaver, beware...)
Escorts (Tell them guide, and they will tell you a destination, and they will follow you there. Upon arrival they will pay you)

Fully Craftable Bone and Armor (through tinkering, using leather strips and bones)
Fully Craftable Daemon Bone Armor (through tinkering, using leather strips and Daemon bones)
Craftable Glass Swords and Bottles with sand (Using blacksmithing, and tinkering with blocks of glass)
Checks (Go to a banker and say Cheque / Check to write one. They are newbied, a nice safe way to transport money)
Gardens (Buy them from farmers, and start your own crops!)
Stables (Buy them from animal tamers / vet's, use them to house animals, or whatever you want)

There are also a few other items created, but in order to keep some parts of the plot secret, they're not told of here.


-League of Gentlemen-
Based in Minoc (Mines)
Guild Master(s): Nupraptor

-Dawn of Darkness-
Based in field north of Minoc
Guild Master(s): Annaba and Kaze

-Knights of Ni-
Based near cove (By Moongate right outside entrance)
Guild Master(s): Iontkos and Pyroman

If you have an item suggestion, email us.