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10:55pm: The server is almost complete. The world is completely populated, many custom objects have been added, and quests are being worked on! Over a year in the making, Eternal Lands promises to be a creative, compelling, addictive, and completely free Ultima Online server.

5/22/01 NOTICE:

9:23pm: The server is down, due to problems with either the DSL connection or the domain. Sorry for the inconvience, hopefully the server will be fully functionaly by this time tomorrow.

News for 5/22/01


 No more IP addresses! Now all you have to do to connect is enter as the IP, and 2593 as the port.

News for 5/21/01


I (webmaster Offipso) hope so! I have been making many changes to the way the Eternal Lands website looks, and am happy (for now at least), with this scheme (By the way, I've made all the pictures/art on the Eternal Lands website, unless I state otherwise. Can you guess what that means? Yep, it means taking it is a federal offence, since it's COPYRIGHTED!) So anyway... Until next time: have fun!